Cisco announces its intent to acquire Involvio.
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Automate student attendance at scale

Measure student check-ins for classes & events, and get robust campus-wide analytics in real-time, with AttendanceKit.

Self check-in for students

QR code scanning
Students can scan a geofenced QR code sticker when they arrive and leave your classroom.
Mobile prompt via wifi
On arrival in class, students receive a mobile prompt to check in. This uses Cisco wireless network data and is non-intrusive.

More control for teachers

Mark Attendance manually
Mark or edit student attendance, absences, exemptions, & late arrivals directly into the LMS.
Assign participation grades
Award credit for class attendance in the LMS grade book based on set score weightage.

Powerful analytics for admins

The attendance management system quickly installs into your LMS using LTI and provides admins with an attendance summary and class trends over time.
Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

Secure and scalable

Enterprise-grade security

Secure hosting on AWS and role-based access for the integrity of your data.

Available for major LMSs

Seamless integration with D2L™, Sakai™, Moodle™, Blackboard™, and Canvas™.

Easy to deploy & scale

Deploy AttendanceKit for your entire campus using simple integrations.