Simple, powerful,
and automated attendance tracking in your LMS.

AttendanceKit offers a wide range of automated and straightforward attendance tracking tools for faculty and students that support a various class meeting scenarios.

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Instructor Roll

Give your instructors a simple interface to mark student attendance, absences, and even late arrivals right inside of your LMS.

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Self Check-in
with QR Codes

Allow your students to check themselves in by scanning geofenced QR code stickers when they arrive and leave your classroom.

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Automatic Check-in
with Campus Wi-Fi

Automatically prompt students to check in for class upon class arrival using their smartphone and data from your campus' Wi-Fi network.

Florida International University

“AttendanceKit makes it quick and easy for our instructors to keep track of student attendance, no matter the class size or type.”

Robert Romano
Robert Romano
LMS Administrator
Florida International University

Powerful attendance features for your instructors inside the LMS

AttendanceKit installs quickly into your LMS using LTI,
making it easy for instructors to get started right away.

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Enterprise-Grade Security

AttendanceKit is securely hosted on AWS, adheres to strict security protocols, and provides role-based access to ensure the integrity of your attendance data.

Insightful Analytics

With out-of-the-box dashboards, your faculty and administrators can spot attendance trends and identify opportunities for student and course improvement.

Automatic Grade Calculation

Enable your instructors to provide student participation grades automatically based on course attendance, posted directly into your LMS' grade book.

What about student privacy and data security?

Privacy and security are at the heart of the engineering and product decisions we make at Involvio. We take the trust that students put in us and our platform seriously.

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