No more sign-in sheets

AttendanceKit is a smart, powerful & non-intrusive attendance tracking software designed to capture student check-ins & give instructors more control.

Looking for an attendance tracker app for your Zoom classes? We’ve just launched Attendance for Zoom!

Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

QR code scanning

Students can quickly check-in by scanning a geofenced QR code sticker when they arrive and leave your classroom. It’s easy & 100% accurate.

Mobile prompt via Wi-Fi

Once students arrive in class, an automated mobile prompt is triggered asking students to check-in. This uses data from the campus Wi-Fi network & is non-intrusive.

Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile
Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

Manual control

Instructors can manually mark student attendance, absences, exemptions and late arrivals directly into the LMS from the dashboard.

Automations that save time

Instructors can automatically assign student participation grades based on course attendance.
The grades are then posted directly into your LMS' grade book, making it easy for instructors to assess & export.

A dashboard with powerful features and insights

The attendance management system quickly installs into your LMS using LTI, and you get a one-view of attendance trends, at school, class, cohort & student-level

Secure and scalable

Enterprise-grade security

Secure hosting on AWS with strict security protocols. Role-based access to ensure the integrity of your data.

Available for major LMSs

Seamlessly integration with D2L™, Sakai™, Moodle™, Blackboard™, and Canvas™.

Easy to deploy & scale

Deploy AttendanceKit for a single course, department, or your entire campus.

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