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17 Reasons to Attend #ACPA17!

The ACPA17 Convention team has been hard at work dreaming, listening, planning, and developing the ACPA17 convention experience! We are excited to connect with you from March 26-29 in Columbus, Ohio, but until then, check out these 17 reasons to be excited for #ACPA17:

#17. Our vision is all-encompassing. Within it, we recognize the potential of the students we serve, the work we do, our peers and colleagues, higher education as a whole, ACPA, and the world. The belief in potential motivates us to do our work, to engage in deep learning, to continue intentional dialogue around substantive issues in the field. We hope you will join us as we examine the potential we all have to create positive change in our world!

#16. Opportunities to CONNECT. Just like the students we work with, we grow and develop through dialogue and new and enduring relationships. At ACPA17, attendees will authentically connect with each other and the global association that is ACPA. At ACPA17, attendees will be exposed to new, cutting-edge ideas within higher education. We will meet new people, share ideas with longtime friends, and create connections that help us do our work better everyday!

#15. Opportunities to EXPERIENCE. ACPA17 is taking place in Columbus, Ohio, USA – a unique and exciting city with an important historical context that shapes our learning and understanding. We will engage the local community, the people in attendance, and the many opportunities for learning that make up the ACPA17 curriculum.

#14. Opportunities to REFLECT. The world is constantly changing and shifting, and in turn impacting our work and ourselves. Attendees at ACPA17 will reflect – both individually and collectively – on the experiences, challenges, world events, policies, and perspectives impacting our field and world and identify opportunities for connection, action, and transformation.

#13. Opportunities to INVEST. We are owners of our own learning and professional development. By committing to everything the ACPA17 experience has to offer, attendees are investing in their long-term learning and growth as students, professionals, faculty members, and practitioners in higher education. ACPA17 is a time for you to engage in your own development, so we can all be better educators!

#12. Opportunities to TRANSFORM. It is time for ACPA and higher education to convert all the learning, potential, and inquiry that happens at the annual meeting into action. Whether on our own campuses, regionally, or at a national or international level, attendees at ACPA17 will have the opportunity to focus on transforming learning and ideas into action that benefits our students, institutions, and society.

#11. A strong curriculum that features sessions in all competency areas, with a focus on social justice, student development, and advising and support. Our variety of program categories, allow for learning based on your needs and schedule. Sessions will be posted online in February, but with the content and quality of our curriculum, everyone in attendance will find sessions to challenge their thinking, encourage their next moves, and allow for reflection and personal growth.

#10. Learn about cutting-edge research and practices through not only research posters, but also new practice posters, which will highlight exceptionally strong programs, initiatives, and events across the world.

#9. An incredible set of major speakers, who will provide inspiration and motivation, and challenge convention attendees to think critically about the evolving landscape in higher education and our world.

#8. Powerful and diverse Pre-Convention Workshops scheduled for the 48 hours prior to the official Convention Kickoff that offer in-depth learning opportunities.


#7. An updated schedule that takes FLSA guidelines into account and provides opportunities for you to plan out your day based on your needs! Longer breaks and opportunities for reflection are woven throughout the schedule, and additional tools to aid you in your itinerary will be available in February online! ACPA17 will have a Program Book and an App to engage you!

#6. Columbus is the capital of the state of Ohio and the 15th largest city in the U.S. The current city has a diverse economy based on education, government, insurance, banking, fashion, defense, aviation, food, clothes, logistics, steel, energy, medical research, health care, hospitality, retail, and technology. Columbus has a vibrant restaurant scene, and you will find some of the most creative local and regional chefs in the country within steps of the Convention Center. The city provides us a rich historical backdrop that we will engage to learn more about the people and the land prior to colonization, the role of the community in the Underground Railroad, and it’s numerous institutions of higher education that currently flourish.

#5. NextGen is a unique opportunity for approximately 100 undergraduate, graduate and early career professionals from across the nation to learn about careers in student affairs. This conference is a unique opportunity for the next generation of Student Affairs educators to meet and learn from current graduate preparation program faculty, NextGen alumni, and seasoned student affairs professionals who work across the country at diverse institutional types in a variety of positions. NextGen 2017 is a great way to examine different aspects of the profession!

#4. ACPA brings together a vast network of 21 Commissions, 6 Coalitionsand 17 State Chapters and International Divisions. The ACPA entity groups help shape the curriculum, networking, and educational opportunities at ACPA17 and are the core of our professional community. No matter what your functional areas, identities, and locations, the association provides innumerable ways to find your professional home at Convention.

#3. Affordable cost and return on investment are intentional pillars in the scope of ACPA17 convention planning. Our Justification Resources & Payment Plan will help shape your conversations with supervisors and colleagues about how you will bring back the learning and experiences of ACPA17 to benefit your department, campus, and students.

#2. Career Development and Advancement are part of the ACPA17 curriculum! From headshots and resume critiques, to professional development Snapshot programs and the Graduate Professional Fair, no matter where you are in your career, ACPA17 has resources to help you refine, reflect, and prepare yourself for where you want to go!

#1 ACPA has a rich history and a deep commitment to student learning, social justice, and higher education. Each year, at the annual convention, ACPA members come back together to learn, reflect, and engage with colleagues and educators deeply invested in our students. Friendships are formed, deep learning occurs, and the opportunities and people keep us coming back year after year. ACPA is my professional home, and now more than ever, I’m excited to attend ACPA17 and spend a few days thinking about how to connect potential and action with all of you March 26 - March 29.


Special thanks to our friends at Involvio for inviting us to share this blog post with you! They will be part of our Marketplace at ACPA17, and we hope you’ll stop by and visit!

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