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5 Big Challenges For College Freshmen

Every student is different and will face unique challenges when they transition from high school to college or university. But one thing that stands true for pretty much all freshmen students is their new-found freedom without parental oversight. From leading a very structured life from kindergarten to K12, he or she will now have a more independent lifestyle. 

While this may make college seem like a time for a lot of fun, freedom, and self-exploration for college freshmen, it can also be quite overwhelming for many. While academic pressure can cause stress, there are other roadblocks that come with this lifestyle change. For example, the move itself can be difficult for those who are living away from home and family for the first time. Add to this the challenge of managing time, finances and even new relationships! 

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We’ll be sure to share some ideas on helping freshmen students adjust to their new life on campus in a later article. In the meantime, here are the top 5 challenges you can watch out for when intaking your next freshman year class.

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