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Suddenly running a remote campus? We can help!

Here at Involvio, our entire team is now working remotely - and we recognize that students, faculty, and staff across all of our partner institutions have been forced to do the same. That's why we're so excited to announce a brand new bundle from Involvio designed to support the transition from on campus to remote student experience: Remote Campus. It's free for all campuses already using Involvio, and discounted for any campuses using Cisco products.

With Remote Campus our partner institutions can: 

  • Connect with students and help them collaborate with each other, using video and chat
  • Deliver a personalized student dashboard to help them stay organized and productive
  • Give students one-tap access to their advisors and instructors with booking hours as well as real-time support
  • Centralize access to important resources like COVID-19 information, student wellbeing, online classes and more

Remote Campus brings your campus to your students' smartphones. It centralizes all the information and resources they need at this time on one app, and helps them stay connected to their faculty, staff, and even peers through voice, video, and messaging. 

In a time when students and faculty are dispersed across geographies, the best way to re-connect is video & messaging! Through our secure integration with Cisco Webex, students can connect using easy 1:1 calling, robust messaging and even, file sharing. 

While continuing their academic pursuits remotely, it can be difficult for students to stay productive and hands-on. Understanding this, we’ve built-in a personalized planner that provides a personalized view of online classes, study groups, and more, to help students better organize their day and time.

One of the most important ways to support your students at this time is to give them one-tap access to key faculty and staff they can turn to for support. With Remote Campus, they can easily find their success network, connect with them via voice or chat, schedule video meetings & get the support they need. 

If you're already using Involvio and would like to learn more about Remote Campus, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If your institution isn't on Involvio yet, our sales team is here to help at sales [at] involvio [dot] com.

And, of course, our entire team - support, engineering, and leadership - is available and eager to work with you in support of our ultimate mission to support every student.

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