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Student safety is your priority this fall, and our’s too

Many institutions are preparing to reopen campus in the Fall. Three months ago, we went through a transition from on-campus to remote and there was a lot of uncertainty then. It seems like there’s even more of it now. While we do everything to plan for a return to campus, it will be unlike anything any of us, including campus administrators, faculty, staff, students, and their parents have experienced before. 

While every institution’s back to campus model will differ, ensuring student and staff safety is and will remain everyone’s number one priority. It won’t come to you as a surprise then that at Involvio too, safety has taken focus. Our newest product - SAFE REOPEN, is a comprehensive mobile safety solution that helps you welcome students back to campus.

Temperature Declaration

With Safe Reopen, you can ensure every member of your community is healthy before they arrive and continue to conduct daily/scheduled wellness checks while they are on campus. You can fully automate temperature declaration and symptom screenings on their smartphones. This allows you to automate a complete wellness check to make sure staff & students fit your criteria before they enter your spaces. 

Health Pass

On completion of the daily/scheduled wellness check, every member gets a mobile health pass. With a health pass, students can book and reserve almost anything on campus, within the capacity limits you set - from seats in class to treadmills in the gym.

Exposure Notification

During this time, institutions need to be proactive when it comes to positive diagnosis reporting and alerting those who might be exposed. With Safe Reopen, you can make it easy for members who have tested positive to submit their diagnosis. The tool also connects with campus wi-fi and your SIS to identify those who may have been exposed and can send private exposure notifications.

Gated Booking

An undeniable part of staying safe is maintaining social distancing. But on campuses which are pretty much like cities, this can be a challenge. While colleges are trying strategies like single person dorm rooms, hybrid-flex models, and desks set 6 feet apart, students will tend to move from one place to another and distancing can be hard to enforce. Safe Reopen lets you set limits on how many people can be at campus spaces or events and automate it via students’ phones. 

Safe Reopen deeply integrates video, so those who can’t join classes, activities, or meetings in person, can still participate remotely. 

Density Monitoring

Similarly, you will be able to manage and take full control of who goes where on campus. You can approve their entry through a dashboard, ensure the right number of people are present in the space, monitor the resources they utilize resources each day, and more, so you can safely welcome your community back.

Safe Reopen comes to you with a robust, easy-to-use admin dashboard that lets you manage all of the above and give a 360-degree view of risks, trends, and density across campus in real-time. This allows your teams to be better equipped with the right tools and data to stop the spread and take proactive actions necessary to ensure your community’s health and safety.

Admin Analytics

If you're already using Involvio and would like to learn more about Safe Reopen, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If your institution isn't on Involvio yet, our sales team is here to help you learn more about Safe Reopen at sales [at] involvio [dot] com.

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