Experience is everything

CampusKit is a powerful campus app that delivers personalized student experiences and guides the student journey, from orientation to graduation.

Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

Evolves with your students

In a world with so many distractions, students rely on their campus app from their first few days on campus till the day they graduate, to stay productive and on track.

Stay organized

Students use the app daily to view their agenda for the day - classes, to-dos, events & more.

Stay on track

Whether navigating the physical campus or campus life, all the information students need is right here.

Stay involved

The student community app offers tailored recommendations for upcoming events and groups.

A personalized student dashboard

Students come to rely on their intuitive campus app that personalizes everything from their name, calendar, to event suggestions & notifications, and supports them in their journey.

Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile
Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

Increase student engagement

Tailored, interest-based recommendations, and that mobile check-ins that help track participation makes this one of the best apps for college students, guiding their co-curricular journey.

Centralize important campus resources

Students can access all critical campus info, like academic resources, support & more on a dedicated tab.

Real-time communication

Broadcast and cohort-level app push notifications, SMS and video features help you keep students well-informed.

Peer-to-peer collaboration

Students can easily connect with each other via video and messaging, in groups or 1:1, on mobile.

More than great tech

Progressive design

The interface is clean, contemporary & highly intuitive, so students love it!

Continued support

Our team is here to help you optimize how you use the app.

High adoption rates

Easy setup & powerful features drive usage with students.

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