A hybrid student experience

Deliver both student experience & safety with Hybrid Campus - complete with remote video, personalized support, exposure notification, density monitoring, and more.

Connect remote students to campus community

Video calling with peers & instructors for remote classes. Robust messaging & file sharing
Rich remote community to build relationships. Online groups & events

Keep students feeling supported & productive

Personalized success network for 1:1 help. Book office hours and connect via voice, video or chat
Agenda to keep track of classes and events. Centralized access to resources

Bring students & staff back, safely

Schedule symptom & temperature screening. Assign a health pass on completion
Allow members to enter a positive diagnosis. Send private exposure notification to those at risk

Automate and enforce
social distancing measures

Seat booking & video for classes & events. Resource reservation at campus spaces
Space booking for campus spaces. Record attendance

Things are changing fast.
We can help you transition and stay ahead.

Seamless integration with existing tools & fast deployment across campus.
High level of customization. Available as a bundle & individual features.
Smart user interface & automations for easy student adoption.

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