Cisco announces its intent to acquire Involvio.
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Automated class attendance for higher ed

Attendance and student engagement go hand-in-hand, but monitoring it at scale across campus can get complicated.
AttendanceKit fully automates it for you!
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600+ institutions and 3.5M+ students use Involvio

Two ways for students to check-in

Fully automated. Fast. Zero instructor time.

Mobile prompt via Wi-Fi

Automate a mobile prompt asking students to check-in on arrival. This uses campus Wi-Fi data and is non-intrusive.

Scan a QR code

Students can check-in by scanning a QR code sticker when they arrive in the classroom. It’s easy and 100% accurate.

And powerful admin analytics

Easy-to-use dashboard. One view of attendance & engagment trends. Integrates with your LMS.

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