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Build a personalized new student orientation experience that make them feel welcome & lays a foundation for success

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A sense of community that resonates throughout the student journey

The first few weeks on campus can be a time of exciting yet emotional transition for students. Fostering an open, welcoming and helpful culture, keeping them up-to-date & involved in new student orientation activities can make all the difference. When students feel part of the campus community, it can positively impact their academic journey in the coming years & set them up for success.

One-stop dashboard

Students and parents can download the app and familiarize themselves with orientation programs even before setting foot on campus

Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile
Student resource like campus map

Critical resources

Build important information and resources like campus maps and surveys directly into the mobile app for easy access

Personalized schedule

Keep students well informed and organized with their orientation agenda and to-dos with a one-view calendar

Student agenda on campus app
University studentsUniversity students

Targeted experiences for everyone

Parents & Families
New Students
International students
Orientation leaders
First gen students
Adult learners
University studentsUniversity students

Build a successful orientation program

Quickly and easily plan your new student orientation programming with our easy-to-use guide builder. Create unlimited guides and tracks for each of your programs and personalize them for student cohorts.
OrientationKit dashboard for instructors, administrators and colleges

Real-timecommunication & collaboration

Enable student relationships

Allow students to connect and network with their peers via video and messaging in groups or 1:1

Share real-time updates

Keep students & parents informed of any changes or program updates with broadcast & targeted push notifications

Capture feedback

Conduct student surveys right on the app to understand program impact, student sentiments and opportunities for improvement

Support students from the very beginning by helping them

Become familiar with a new setting, new routines & navigate campus life
Have a productive onboarding and feel more prepared & confident
Meet & stay connected with other students, and build a support network

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Truly welcome new students on campus with personal, enriching experiences, and put them on the path to success.

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