To strong

Build a personalized orientation program that helps new students on campus feel welcome, part of the community, and lays a foundation for success.

Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

One-stop dashboard

Students & parents can access a tailored, one-view of the orientation program, to-dos, and resources at anytime - before, during or even after the event.

Critical resources

Campus maps, phone numbers, student handbook, orientation program details, & all other resources are readily accessible to students in one place.

Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile
Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

Personalized schedule

Students get a personalized agenda with appointments, events, to-dos and everything they need to stay organized, right on their smartphones.

Easy-to-use program builder
for admins

Create personalized guides & tracks for different student cohorts. Also get a view of attendance & other stats for every event.

Real-time communication & collaboration

Foster student relationships

Students can build new connections & network with peers via messaging & video, right from the app.

Share real-time updates

Keep students & parents informed of any changes or program updates with push notifications.

Capture feedback

Conduct surveys to understand program impact, student sentiments & opportunities for improvement.

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