Easy attendance tracking for Webex

No more tedious excels. One-view of engagement insights. Super simple to use & integrate.

for Webex

Instructors are spending ~8 hours a week tracking remote attendance

While higher ed has rapidly moved to remote instruction, students continue to feel disengaged and under productive. At the same time, instructors are strugging to track who is attending their online classes, for how long and how regularly. The first step to improving engagement is understanding classroom attendance, and Attendance for Webex makes it super simple.

How it works


All students have to do is sign in & out as they do now

Students log in & out of their Zoom class as they do even now, and we securely track their attendance, and even tardiness, to give you a smart view.


Instructors get a one-view of attendance trends

Get a clear picture of attendance at student, class, cohort or school level at a glance on a dashboard that sits inside your LMS.


And can automatically assign participation grades

If you choose to assign class participation grades, we’ll post them directly into your LMS' grade book.

Secure and scalable

Remote Attendance for Zoom is easy to deploy and manage for a select number of classes or at scale across your institutions courses and online events.

Enterprise-grade security

Secure hosting on AWS with strict security protocols. Role-based access to ensure the integrity of your data

Available for major LMS

Seamlessly integration with D2L™, Sakai™, Moodle™, Blackboard™, and Canvas™

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