The first remote class attendance platform, designed for Zoom

Capture & track Zoom class attendance data automatically across your college or university.

for Zoom

Free your faculty from exporting CSVs with automatic attendance taking

With all classes now on Zoom, understanding attendance data at scale is critical to identifying potential risks to student retention. But tens of thousands of students’ Zoom attendance is unaccounted for, and admins/instructors are spending manual hours trying to spot students in need. AttendanceKit for Zoom is the first fully automated attendance tracker that gives you the actionable insights you need, at scale, in a matter of minutes.

Fully automate attendance taking in every Zoom class

Attendance tracking is 100% automated based on students’ Zoom sign-ins. This means zero instructor or admin time wasted, and powerful data at your disposal.

Achieve compliance with real-time, campus-wide data

Get a macro and micro-level view of attendance data at student, class, cohort &  institution-level, so you can support students in need, on time.

Integrate with your LMS in minutes & scale as you’d like

Deploy AttendanceKit for Zoom for a single class, department or scale it up to your entire institution. Seamlessly integrates with D2L™, Sakai™, Moodle™, Blackboard™, and Canvas™.

Smart, secure features for admins & instructors

AttendanceKit for Zoom comes with a smart dashboard that sits inside your institution’s LMS. It empowers teams with additional controls to manage attendance and support individual students.

View attendance summary & trends graph

Manually mark or edit attendance

Input excused absences & exemptions

Assign attendance grades

Add notes for every student

Filter and export data

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Get the data you need to stay ahead, support remote students and address retention. Do what takes your teams hours, in minutes, with the only smart attendance tracker for Zoom.

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