A remote campus community

Remote Campus brings the campus to your students' phones, and helps you give students the sense of community and support they are missing in the new normal.

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Remote Campus

Continuity and communityfor students who are scattered

Remote Campus is designed to support the transition from on-campus to remote student experience. Simply said, it brings the campus to your students' smartphones, and supports them with the tools and resources they need, no matter where they are. In this ‘new normal’, Remote Campus creates a new, rich and tailored remote campus experience that keeps students engaged and on track.

Remote campus community

At a time when students are suddenly isolated and scattered, bringing back a sense of community and togetherness is critical. Remote Campus enables rich human interactions and reconnects students to their support system.

Centralized resources

Students depend on several resources when on campus. Remote Campus allows you to give them easy access to academic resources and even important information like COVID-19 updates, student wellbeing, online classes and more, in one place.

Personalized planner

It can be difficult for students to stay productive while studying remotely. The planner gives students a personalized view of online classes, study groups, and more, to help them better organize their day and time.

Video and messaging to keep students connected

Powered by Cisco Webex

Coming really soon

Personalized support for every single student

Make it easy for students to find and communicate with faculty and staff

Seamless LMS
integration for virtual classes

via Cisco Webex Education Connector

Robust virtual class sessions powered by Webex Meetings, Training, and Events.
Real-time collaboration with class messaging, white-boarding, and secure file sharing.
Class recordings hosted in the Webex Cloud and available in Remote Campus.

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Bring your campus to your students’ smartphones
and give them the sense of campus community to stay motivated & engaged.

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