A virtual onboarding

Your traditional, on-campus orientation program is complex & complete. Deliver the same rich, personalized experience in your online orientation.

Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

A guided experience & sense of community

Students & parents can access a tailored, one-view of the orientation program, to-dos, and resources at anytime - before, during or even after the event.

Synchronous & asynchronous experience

Enable real-time face-to-face video communication and deliver recorded video for convenience. Students also get one-tap access to join or view video meetings on their agenda right from within the app.

Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile
Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

Checklists, tools & resources

Give students a clear picture of what they need to do. Centralize critical information, tools, and resources in one place to give students a sense of structure. Help students have easy access to their to-dos and agenda.

Ready for rapid deployment

Fast and agile

Our robust mobile technology and infrastructure is fast, flexible and ready to set up.

Smart integrations

All the features you’d need are built right into the app, and are optimized for use.

Dedicated support

Our team understands this is a first and is here to help you get started, and see results.

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