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RetainAI helps you visualize disparate student data and automate actions to retain students at risk.

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A smart, data-driven
approach to retention

Supporting your students is hard work! To do what they do best, your teams need ready access to student insights and the right intervention tools, so they can take proactive steps to help more students graduate. RetainAI delivers just this. It connects data points across campus systems, and combines it with Involvio’s predictive models to help you meet your student retention goals.

From big data to actionable insights

All the student data you need is already with you, but it’s disconnected, raw and not human-friendly yet. RetainAI connects the dots to bring together involvement, academic, and network data (from LMSs to Dining Hall visits) to provide a diagnostic picture of student risk at university, cohort and individual student level.

Smart way to visualize big data on campus
Identify at-risk students with predictive tech

Unearth data with predictive analytics

Identifying at-risk students or other student issues is the first step towards lending them the support they need. Our AI-driven predictive model deep dives into years of historical trends and data across the student lifecycle to provide early-alerts to key stakeholders, so they can deliver a personalized learning experience.

Programmatic and personalized assistance

Intelligence needs to be followed by action. RetainAI goes beyond triggering early alerts to providing admins and faculty the intervention tools and strategies they need to nudge students back on track. Admins can automate and apply highly personal and triggered interventions at scale across campus, to support students at every stage of their journey.

Help students at risk with personalized interventions
Student success network for better retention

Connect students to their success network

Students who need help might not always know where to get it. Make it easy for them to find and reach out to faculty and staff, right from their campus app. Students can schedule appointments and connect with their instructors and advisors via video, email or messaging - giving them a strong sense of support that is key to your retention strategy.

RetainAI is always learning

We want to help students meet their full potential. This requires that we learn and innovate too. Not only does our machine learning engine customize itself for every school, it continuously learns and evolves with you, to deliver more insights, more accurately.

One powerful dashboard

Get a 360° view of your students with a highly collaborative and insight-rich dashboard that helps your success teams see risk and opportunity across campus, and work together to target success & retention initiatives.
RetainAI dashboard for instructors, administrators and colleges

Gives a holistic view of student progression at a glance

Supports real-time updates and intervention delivery

Captures trends across student touchpoints and behaviour

Built-in controls and tools for admins and faculty

Delivers complex data in a visual and simplified manner

Designed to be highly scalable, fast and agile in any environment

Manage student assistance in one place

Plan & trigger programmatic assistance, collaborate with other instructors and advisors, and view the history of interventions for all students, right from your dashboard
Stevie received an academic flag
Matt has an unreturned library book
Sarah has missed 3 classes in the last week
Arjun met with us today to change his major
Allow instructors and advisors to raise flags manually
Feed holds from campus systems including your SIS
Automatically triggered, rules-based alerts.
Share case notes to solve student issues together.

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