Welcome students
back, safely

Keep students & staff safe and healthy as they return to campus with Safe Reopen - a bundle of thoughtful, mobile tools like gated seat booking, density monitoring, and exposure notification.

Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

Automate exposure notification

Students & staff get a private notification if possibly exposed, with real-time contact tracing built-in.

Positive diagnosis reporting
Validation console
Exposure notification

Assign a health pass upon self-screening

Schedule timely wellness checks, automate collection via mobile, and assign a mobile health pass for those who fit the criteria.

Temperature declaration
Symptom screening
Mobile health pass
Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile
Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

Enable class reservation and video

Effectively manage your school's HyFlex or Hybrid plans by allowing students to pre-book seats or join the class remotely over video.

Limit number of seats available
Record attendance
Scalable secure video

Allow pre-booking for
campus spaces

Manage where and how students visit your campus, approve their entry, and ensure the right number of people attend events and utilize resources.

Pre-set space availability
Set buffers for cleaning
Record attendance
Personalized student orientation dashboard on mobile

Monitor the new normal

Stay on top of the dynamic health trends on your campus with admin analytics & community management features in one intuitive dashboard.

We are here to support you during this transition

Your teams are working hard to strategize the right balance between student safety, pedagogy, and campus experience. Involvio can help support and actualize the campus reopening plan with advanced student and safety-focussed technology.

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