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SafetyKit uses advance tech to help institutions keep students safe, wherever they are.

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Hold until safe.
That’s all your students will need to do.

Proactively ensuring student safety, on and off campus, is on every institution’s agenda. With SafetyKit, we deliver it right on your student’s smartphones with cutting edge technology that gives them the control and comfort they need. With just the release of a button, SafetyKit shares a student’s exact location with public safety, campus police, and emergency responders.

How it works

A personalsafety network

Students can add a personal safety network to alert family members and friends in addition to the campus police.
Anyone in the student’s network can request a ‘check-in’ to know they are safe, and alert the campus if the student does not respond.

Peace of mindfor you and your students

Automated alerts in time of need

Student has complete control

Integrate personal safety netwrork

Built with next gen mobile technology

Works wherever students are

Easy to deploy & high adoption rate

Available everywhere in the US

Whether your students are on or off-campus, they can use the SafetyKit button to feel safe and get local help.

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Keep your students safe and living freely on campus, and ensure your peace of mind knowing you have the best tech on the job.

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