Cisco announces its intent to acquire Involvio.
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Security at Involvio

Privacy and security are at the heart of the engineering and product decisions we make at Involvio. We take the trust that students put in our us seriously.
Secured locker image depicting the level of security at Involvio

Making sure your data is secure.

At Involvio, we’ve assembled a team of expert engineers who ensure that our software isn’t just highly perforant, but also extremely secure. Involvio is hosted in SOC 2 (Type 1) certified AWS facilities. We leverage robust third-party security tools and regularly evaluate our network and vulnerabilities and reduce threats to your data.

Privacy above all else.

Users of Involvio services have control over who they’re connected with and how others can connect with them. Behind Involvio, administrative access to data is discrete, role based, and controlled by each of our institutions’ administrative staff. We encrypt all data both in transit and at rest.

See our status, any time.

We know that transparency earns trust. That’s why you can always view the status of our infrastructure and services on our status page. We show availability over the last 12 hours, 7 days and 30 days.